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Delineation of the end of life stage


Perceptions regarding the gap between the good death and the usual death


Deathbed Norms in Context


Good end? Exploring the public deliberation on end-of-life decision making and the legitimacy of pre-planned death in Israeli media


Defining and Defying Death under Israeli Law: A Comparative Perspective


Ontologies and Epistemologies of Death: Sociological Perspectives on the ethical and the technological aspects of brain-death in Israel


Tracking Israeli Suicide: Performance, Affect, and Discourse


Death is only the beginning: Following the corpse in Israeli Jewish body-handling practices


Mental health promotion at the end of life


Funded Pilot Studies


Research project


Rachel Birenbaum

Grief and Mourning in people with Dementia


Limor Meodded Dannon

Cities in coma: the physical phenomenology of subjects in vegetative conditions

Hadassah Medical Center at Mount Scopus in Jerusalem

Prof. Brezis Meir

What can we learn from simulation workshops to improving physicians’ skills when coping with end of life? Content analysis of actors-physicians’ experiences in simulating end-of-life scenarios at the national center for medical simulation

Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Prof. Netta Bentur, Dr. Shelly Sternberg and Jean Sholdiner

Feeding tubes for older people with severe dementia living in the community: what are the predictors of insertion and how it impacts quality of end of life?

Brookdale institute

Dr. Ravit Raufman

The mental dimension of end of life: Fairytales as a site of study on the mind’s way to report on experiences on nonexistence

Haifa University

Prof. Yael Hashiloni Dolev

The presumed wish of men and women on the possible use of their gametes after their death

Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College

Prof. Haim Hazan and Dr. Hagai Boas

Transplant Medicine and the Ontology of Life and Death in Social Anthropology

Tel Aviv University

 Dr. Bechor Zvi Aminoff,  Prof. Avraham Adonsky, and Prof. Prof. Jiska Cohen Mansfield

Diagnosis of Aminoff suffering syndrome by Mini Suffering State Examination (MSSE) scale score evaluation in patients with advanced dementia hospitalized in geriatrics-internal medicine depart

Tel Aviv University

Prof. Sara Carmel

Will-to-live in Older Adults and its Relationship to End-of-Life Care

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Raquel Romberg

Global Models and Interventions for Suicide Prediction and Prevention: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Tel Aviv University

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