Solutions and Approach to End-of-Life Suffering

1. Our proposal for new pathological entity and symptomatology in terminal dementia –

Aminoff Suffering Syndrome

Characterized by:

A high MSSE scale score;
Less than 6 months survival (for terminal patients) and than 1 month survival (for actively dying patients);
Irreversible and intractable aggravation of medical condition and suffering until demise;

Aminoff Suffering syndrome may be the key criterion:

For enrolling end-stage dementia patients for palliative and hospice treatment;

For the development of new alternative setting approaches, such as:
Relief of Suffering Units.

In Monograph: B.Z. Aminoff.
Measurement of Suffering in End-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease. Probook, Dyonon, Tel- Aviv, 2007, p 165.