Abstract: Relief of Suffering with Dementia Units. Innovations in care- the Israeli Perspective.

This paper proposes a new, alternative approach and setting for end-stage dementia patients with Aminoff Suffering Syndrome (ASS) that could pertain to the Israeli setting and could possibly also be acceptable in other countries. Short hospitalization periods of approximately 1 month and treatment in Relief of Suffering End-of-Life with Dementia Units may be a new palliative approach and present a possible solution for coping with the horrendous burden of the suffering of dementia patients, their families, and the medical and nursing staff. Aminoff Suffering Syndrome (ASS) in advanced dementia is the proposed symptomatology and pathological entity that is characterized by a high (MSSE) scale score, <6 months survival, irreversible and intractable aggravation of suffering and medical condition until demise.