Abstract: Entropy Definition of human happiness and suffering.

Oral presentation:

Entropy definition of human happiness and suffering

Aminoff Bechor Zvi, MD, PhD

Geriatric division, The Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer,
Human Suffering and Satisfaction Research Center, El Ad, Israel

Senior geriatric specialist, physician and researcher
(Books: Measurement of Suffering in End-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease Probook, Dyonon, Tel- Aviv, 2007; Taking and giving, fluctuation of anti entropy, in press, 2010).

E-mail: bechorz@yahoo.com

Key words: happiness, suffering, entropy

The Almighty created man to be contented, and not to suffer. The creation of the universe was a leap from absolute entropy to substance and the vital world. The goal of creating the universe and humans was to create enjoyment and pleasure by depressing the level of entropy.

Current definitions do not adequately express the nature and origin of happiness or suffering, nor do they suggest how to treat, relieve and prevent the torment of a healthy or sick person. We developed and proposed the entropy theory as a new definition of human happiness and suffering. Entropy is a state of a lack of order, a state of chaos.

Human happiness may be defined as the complexity of positive sensations, perceptions, emotions, or thoughts of a person that arise due to the process, or state of depressive level of entropy of the individual’s organism, empathy for others, or germane surroundings in the past, present or that which will take place in the future.

Human suffering is the complexity of negative sensations, perceptions, emotions, or human thoughts that arise due to a process, or condition of an increasing level of entropy of a person’s organism, empathy for others, or germane surroundings in the past, present, or of a threat in the future.

Therefore, in order to treat suffering, one should ensure that the entropy level is reduced by complementing it with that which is missing, disturbs, and has been lost.

A source of happiness and pleasure denotes depression of entropy of human beings as a body, a unit, as a system in itself and as part of a system’s unit to which they belong – as family members, or as staff members in an institution, or business.