Abstract: The New Israeli Law “The dying patient” and Relief of Suffering Units.

The new Israeli Law “The Dying Patient” provides avenues for possible medical, ethical, and Halachic (Jewish religious law) solutions in view of the complexityof the treatment of an end-stage dementia patient. The establishment of a hospice-like setting for
dementia patients in Israel, based on palliative treatment only, similar to the Jewish hospices in the United States, is extremely important. This article proposes a new, alternative approach and setting for patients with end-stage dementia that could pertain to the Israeli setting and could possibly also be acceptable in other countries. Short hospitalization periods of approximately 1 month and treatment in Relief of Suffering End-of-Life With Dementia Units may be a new palliative approach and present a possible solution for coping with the burden of the suffering of end-state dementia patients, their families, and the medical and nursing staff.
Keywords: dementia; hospice; dying